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Kimberley is a licensed minister at End time United Church of Jesus Christ Apostolic under the leadership of Pastor Paul Wilson, II.  She faithfully serves on the Ministerial Board, Retreat Team, and as a teacher and preacher of the Word. She has been selected for the promotion to Elder and will be ordained in 2022.


As a licensed Dance Minister under Eagles International Training Institute (EITI), Kimberley has been privileged to travel to Israel, Africa, Puerto Rico, and Jamaica bringing hope, healing, and restoration through the preaching of the gospel and dance ministry. She also serves on the EITI Intercessory Prayer Team. Through this organization, Kimberley has served as a mentor to help those that are embarking in studies to propel them to their next level.  She believes that mentorship is a conduit that God uses to help one reach their full potential.


Compelled to reach those who have suffered childhood sexual abuse, Kimberley penned her first book, The Tattered Little Girl which told the story of how she triumphed over childhood sexual abuse. She is currently in the process of releasing The Tattered Little Girl Workbook - A Guide to Healing. She is also one of nine co-authors featured in the book Surviving Her, Count It all Joy.


Kimberley’s firsthand experience of how trauma can have such an adverse impact on someone's life, and her passion to see the broken healed (and made whole) provoked her to create My Beauty My Ashes, LLC. My Beauty My Ashes, LLC was created as a vehicle to share her experience of how healing can take place through surrendering to God, forgiveness, and being a voice that cries out on behalf of others that are hurting. She believes God, through her testimony, has called and equipped her to minister to women, young and old, so they are empowered to tell their own story and experience the power of redemption, healing, and freedom to live a victorious life.

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Amber Hatfield

Kimberley, Kimmie as she will always be to me, is a lover of God and people. Have you ever met someone and had the feeling at that moment this person was someone you would never let go of, be forever connected to? Kimmie is that person. What I love about her is that her truth comes from God first. Her knowledge of the scripture, her intimacy with Christ can help lift you out of the dark when you think there is no way out. She is the type of friend we all need, she is real, vulnerable, and has always pointed me to the truth. Kimmie is who led me over 16 years ago, in my walk with Christ. She taught me that God never loses sight of me, even when I had lost sight of myself. He is always working all things for our good. I love you more.

Kimberly Almeida

Kimberley's transparency brings so much validation, clarity, and truth. Her book is one of a kind, a must-read for men and women of all ages. The reader not only reads her story but discovers the power to tell their own story as they read through the pages of this book. Her story is one of redemption and truth, ashes to beauty, defeat to victory! Hell loses again!

Chima Staley

The many great things I could say about “The Tattered Little Girl” are endless. There is no doubt that this book is a timely word for this generation.  This, however, is a testimony of praise for how my life has been influenced by the author, Kimberley Thompson. Even as a single woman, The Lord has allowed her to effectively minister to me countless times over in my role as woman, wife, and mother.  In some instances, she may not have even been aware that she was being used; she was simply being.  It is not by luck or chance that we met.  Kimberley is one of the gifts spoken of in the book of James; one of those good and perfect gifts from above, coming down from The Father.

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